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We are looking forward to providing you with High Quality Youth Baseball Coaching information and Baseball Drills. The site was created for youth baseball coaches, parents and players who are interested in learning about coaching and playing America’s Favorite Pastime – The game that we all love – BASEBALL.

We hope that you get as much enjoyment and information from this website as possible. If there is anything that you would like to see in the future, questions you might have, or comments you want us to know about, please let us know. This site is here for you to use.

Youth baseball coaching is important today. During the baseball season, a coach has tremendous influence over his players, for good and for bad. A youth coach can demonstrate patience, character, discipline, self control and hard work, or just the opposite. Our players will watch and learn from our words and almost more importantly our actions.

There is a great need for quality youth baseball coaches today. As JFK was quoted as saying, “Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.” We need to not take the task of coaching lightly. My hope is that this site and the Youth Baseball Coaching Manual will help as many coaches as possible to be the kind of coaches that influence our future leaders for good. Coaches that can teach the importance of the principles that transcend the game of baseball and will help our kids be better people, not simply better ball players. 

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